Sports Simulators

Our customers say virtualinfocom is THE source for nationwide VR entertainment unlike anything they've ever seen, heard, or felt before. See what our clients are saying on our Testimonials page. They also say that we provide the cutting-edge virtual reality games and simulators that offer the totally unique entertainment experience that they were looking for. Those same customers have made us a leader in the virtual reality, interactive game, and simulator since 1998, because they come back year after year, event after event.

Our experiences have been used for corporate event entertainment, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, promotional tours, mobile marketing, trade show entertainment, team building events, college entertainment and many more types of events. We offer a wide range of reliable, show-stopping experiences, that can even be customized for any event or theme. Amusitronix also offers permanent placement at amusement parks, museums, ball parks, and stadiums—even in your own home. Don't worry if you don’t have the space for a full size virtual reality simulation unit, we also build custom VR Home Systems that fit on any desk – so you can enjoy the sights and sounds of VR entertainment in very small spaces.

Here are just a few of the virtual reality entertainment experiences we can provide: Race car virtual reality simulators.
Golf simulator featuring computerized swing analysis and leaderboard competition.
Adventure sport simulators, including virtual surfing and virtual snowboarding.
All kinds of flight simulator rentals from Cessnas to Jet Fighters to Jumbo Jets.
VR games like Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Heroes, Idol Karaoke & Rock Band.
…And much more.

Sports Simulator Games

  • 3D Video Game development

    Race online using your computer using a full 3D background

  • Killer Tanks

    Full 3D Game Based on battle fights

  • Military fight

    Fight in the real war

  • Walk with Dog

    Jump & run with your dog and collect as many dog as you want .

  • Infinite Crisis

    race within the sci-fi walls of dharma

  • Final combat

    play hard

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