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Facebook Game Development India – Virtualinfocom Captures The Nerve Of Social Network Gaming!
What is Facebook Game Development?
Do you want to develop some killer games for Facebook and don’t know how to go about it? Virtualinfocom provides answers for your Facebook game development requirements.If you go by the Facebook Developer gurus, than social networking games are here to stay for as long as gamers love to play with real identities in the real world.
With its deep understanding of the social network gaming, facebook programming and ability in develop Facebook Apps to make social interaction fun, VirtualInfoCom provides Facebook Development and helps you develop Facebook Games that moves beyond any set norms or demographic limitations.

Facebook Game Development

  • 3d car racing

    3D Video Game development

    Race online using your computer using a full 3D background

  • aswathama game


    Full 3D Game Based on Aswathama - character from Mahabharata

  • ravana facebook


    ravan based on indian mythological demon lord.

  • Walk with Dog

    Jump & run with your dog and collect as many dog as you want .

  • virtual reality games

    Infinite Crisis

    race within the sci-fi walls of dharma

  • 3d race

    Final combat

    play hard

Below is a brief of the Facebook Game Development process :
Understanding the Game Idea
Creating the Game Concept
Creating the Game Design Document
Defining Milestones
Development of the Facebook game prototype
Facebook prototype Development covers core game mechanics, game play and Facebook programming using place holder art
Game Art Style selection
Concept Design and Level Design
Development of game assets, game levels and in-game UI
Facebook game programming and integration of Facebook API,game art, UI, physics, game mechanics and code
Live Game Testing on Facebook and QA
Facebook Art Concept Design, Vector Art, Pixel Art, Isometric 2D Art/Isometric 2D Vector Art/Isometric 3D Art, 2D Game Graphics and 2D Game Assets, 2D Game Backgrounds/3D Game Backgrounds, 2D Art, 2D Avatars /3D Avatars, 3D Low Poly Characters, 3D Low Poly Assets, 2D Animation/3D Animation/2D Flash Animation/ Isometric Animation.

Facebook UI Design Facebook Game UI Design, Facebook GUI Design, Facebook Interface Design, Facebook User Interface Design, Facebook Interactive Wireframes Design, Facebook UI Mockup Sketches, Facebook Splash Screen Design, Facebook Game Frame Design, Facebook HUD Design.
Facebook Game Design Game Design Document, GUI Design document, Level Design, Game Story, Game Play design, Game Story boarding.

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